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I'm Rae.

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a little about me...

I'm Rae (or Racheal). 27, definitely a Libra and almost positively a Type 4 on the enneagram chart (but maybe a Type 9?)

I started dating my husband Jack the fall semester of my freshman year of college. We met at the student radio station and got married nine years later.

We've driven cross country twice and have lived on both coasts. We're both born and raised in upstate NY (go Bills!).

Our pug Bixby is the light of our lives. He's got more personality than his small but stocky frame can hold. Follow him on Instagram @bixbythepug

I'm happiest on the open road with those two-- traveling to places I've never been or back to destinations I've already fallen in love with.

Right now we're back on the east coast just taking life one day at a time--learning how to be happy in the moment, exactly as it is.

I'm currently learning how to live vegan and minimalist. I truly believe that less is more. For me, the constant desire to acquire more "things" only leads to stress, anxiety, and constant feelings of inadequacy.

This is my journey of learning how to live up to my fullest potential. To move beyond autopilot, mediocre, and chaos, and towards intentional living so that I can become the person I've always dreamed of becoming.

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