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fast facts

I'm 28— Libra sun, Scorpio moon, Pisces rising ✌🏼

I married my college sweetheart in 2019 after nine years of dating. We have a four year old pug who is the namesake of The Bixby Collective and the light of my life. 

We spent some time living in San Diego, CA. Though we'd move back in a heartbeat, we're really enjoying our time back east and appreciate where we live so much!

My husband and I are saving for a travel van and are working on visiting all 50 states and all US National Parks by 2040. You can follow our travel account on Instagram @TeebsTreks

I feel the most alive in the pit of a concert taking photos or when visiting my favorite places on Earth: Big Sur, California; Watch Hill, Rhode Island; Provincetown, MA; or the Great Lakes. 

Third Eye Blind, Taylor Swift, and the Goo Goo Dolls are my daily staples, but I listen to everything. Need someone to go to a concert with? HMU (not kidding). 

Hello! My name is Racheal (like Jennifer Aniston's character on Friends). But my parents spelled it kinda weird so I've always just gone by Rae. I was born and raised in Upstate NY, went to college on Lake Ontario, and spent some time living in San Diego, CA. 

My journey behind the camera started back in middle school and high school during the days of MySpace and early YouTube. I was always the friend with a dinky little camera (these we pre-iPhone days) capturing video of all of the crazy obnoxious things my friends and I would get ourselves into.


Maybe I got it from my dad who always had the old-school cam-corder out capturing home videos (which I still watch all the time), but I have always been obsessed with capturing the moment. The small, seemingly normal moments that in reality are the fleeting memories we look back at fondly. As the years go by, life changes whether we realize it or not—and I have always been so grateful to have video evidence that the "good old days" are more than just a dream. 

I continued my love for videography, film, and television by studying mass communications, broadcasting and public relations at Oswego State. While in school, I started working professionally at a group of Syracuse radio stations. What started as a part-time promotional events job unexpectedly led me to discover my three professional passions:

  •  helping local businesses grow their online presence

  • videography

  • and, photography (in no particular order of course)

Currently, I am working full time as a content specialist at an SEO marketing agency, helping to scale the online search presence some of the most well known companies in the world. The Bixby Collective is my 5-9. Though the Bixby Co., I am working with a local family jeweler as their social media manager and digital content producer. I also get to make connections with the most amazing couples and families by capturing your special moments.  

I so looking forward to helping more small businesses grow and capturing even more of your special moments (more adventurous elopements please!!) on my camera as this little passion project of mine continues to grow!

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