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When I think back to some of my favorite memories in life, you are in them. All of our belly laughs where we are slapping the table laughing so hard that no noise came out of our mouths, making our own music videos, singing songs together, taking our first guitar lessons together, all of our road trips, and all of the concerts that I would drag you to. How you would just show up at my dad's house unannounced, kick open my bedroom door while simultaneously burping and follow up with "honey, I'm home!"  Oh, and of course we can't forget the times we were left home alone and we:
1)  Got drunk and went on the zip line
2)  Got drunk and attached a sled to the back of Ms. Silva's station wagon
3)  Drove you around in the yard in said sled
4)  Took a drive around the trailer park to be thankful for our lives
5)  Were supposed to be babysitting Bella but we left her inside and put the trampoline next to the pool so we could do sick tricks 
Screen Shot 2018-10-29 at 3.44.41 PM.png
  • When your dad and I plotted to scare you by having him climb into a tree and dumping water on you
  • Our blizzard drive to Rochester to see Hilary Duff 
  • All of our ski club trips 
  • Seeing Aly & AJ and being the only ones standing up and dancing
  • Getting Chinese in Utica before seeing Third Eye Blind, and then running into Stephan Jenkins in the parking lot 
  • "Do you want some ice cream?" "What kind is it? "Sherbert." "Sure!...Bert!"
  • "She broke the bed!" "Don't you mean she cut the cheese?"
  • When we were sneaking to your back yard to scare Max who was camping out in a tent and we were laughing so hard you peed your pad
  • When we were having a dance party in your living room at your house. It was late at night and we stepped outside for a second until a sketchy looking guy started walking by and you pushed me out into the yard even further to make your way safely inside the house
  • Having Max and his friend serve us food and drinks in their Spiderman costumes
  • When the big man came behind you and picked you up in the rollerskating rink
  • When you gave me your school picture to give to Kyle Nichol and Mrs. Tucci found it in my hand and thought that Kyle and I were dating
  • When we were playing charades at Kari's house and the action you got was "praying" and as soon as you put your hands together the TV behind you made an angelic noise, and we were the only people who noticed
  • When we went to Taylor Castleman's graduation party but ended up at a baby shower
  • When we sang a song together on stage for the High School charity event
  • Running through backyards of random houses at Sam's party and ended up in Danielle's pool
  • Making chin faces 

"life is amazing with you

on the ride"

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You and your kind, beautiful, and hilarious soul make up such a huge part of my life and I wouldn't be who I am without you. I love you like you are my own sister, and there is no one else I would have chosen to grow up with. So now, there is only one question to ask...
Bitch please...

will you be my

Maid of Honor?

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