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... a story of love and courage. a delicate string of moments and exquisite happenstance that crafted your story and brought you here.  

you have a story to tell...

Big weddings, elopements, pregnancies, graduations, and everything in between— these are precious life moments that you will never regret documenting.


These are the memories that you'll be excited to relive on anniversaries and cherish for generations to come. These are the little wonders that deserve to be frozen in time without forced posing or staging— preserving "the good old days" throughout the rest of your days and beyond. 

looking back at your photos and videos should feel like digging up a time capsule. in an instant, you're teleported back to that moment, as every feeling, scent, taste, and laugh comes rushing back. 

if you're looking for a wedding video centered around the emotion, an engagement photo session that feels like couples therapy and a date night all rolled into one, or a family portrait session that brings you and your loved ones a little closer together... then you've come to the right place. 


i'm so happy you were with us on our wedding day! i'm not super comfortable in front of a camera but you made it feel like we were just shooting home videos with a friend. we had so much fun and you made it feel so natural! we still watch our wedding video all the time and even the raw footage once in a while to get a good laugh. we will definitely be contacting you in the near future for our family photos! 

- mackenzie & luke dennis
let me introduce myself
Whether you're a bride looking for someone to capture her happiest day ever or a small business owner on the search for creative digital help...

I am so happy you're here! 

The Bixby Collective (TBC) is named after my entitled pug Bixby (aka @bixbythepug), who was named after my favorite spot in the whole world– Bixby Bridge in Big Sur, California (both are pictured below, in the same picture).

What started as my favorite childhood hobby quickly grew into my life's purpose– to tell personal stories through creative content. I started TBC as a place to offer my experience in videography, photography, graphic design, branding, and content creation to the world! 

Let's connect! 
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The pug, the myth, the legend. A velvet king. Body by peanut butter. Always defying laws of personal space. 
We brought Bixby home in December 2016 and life hasn't been the same since. He has slept through two cross country drives, begrudgingly swam in both the Atlantic and Pacific, marked his territory in 25 states and counting, and never fails to make us laugh on the daily. 
Follow him in all his influencer glory, @bixbythepug.
let's make some magic
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