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Oh Danny boy. The lights are calling with my love for you. Since the beginning of our senior year, you have been a constant light in my life. You are one person who always checks up on me, isn't afraid to give me a FaceTime call, always is up to try something new and is ALWAYS happy and excited for every big moment in my life. 
You make me feel like I am worth it. You make me feel like I am a good friend, and that I have a purpose. I love you as much as Gold Member loves GOOOOOOOLD. 


I will never forget working at Calypso Cay with you -- getting hands full of skittles out of the little machine. Or when we had to work the morning after ball. 
I will never forget going to the Waterfront every night for our free side salad with peppercorn ranch and rolls. Or the time that you hit a squirrel on 481 after getting iced capps at Timmy Ho's (number's in the bag). 
OH, and of course that time I had to hold you back from beating the shit out of KMurr. 
You never judge me for getting excessively sloppy when I'm drunk and slowly lose one article of clothing at a time throughout the night. I can't thank you enough for that. 
PS - Sorry I lost your Bishop Grimes hoodie. But you also still have my horse show hoodie, soooo. 

"Does it smell?"

Mr. Frish's gym classes FTW -- ultimate frisbee with Q-Tipp and wondering why Dirty Dianna was creeping. 
Blasting Kenny G and driving around the boy's lax practice, no fucks given. Thanks for the sweet beats, Teetsie 💛
Remember when we were leaving school and Dan Cortese was behind us, so I stuck my hand out of your sun roof to wave to him and he shot his middle finger right up in the air?
And after all these years we STILL haven't finished 'Now and Then'...
Dan, I have so much to thank you for...
And I'll start by thanking your bitch ass for leaving me passed out on a collapsed table in Katie Harrington's garage. 


I am who I am today because of the impact you have made on my life. Thank you for growing up with me and always being by my side...even on my wedding day.
Bitch please...

will you be my


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