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jack + rae

Date:  July 13th, 2019

Location (Ceremony & Reception): Fallbrook Lodge

Address:  103 Thompson Rd., Oswego, NY 13126

Itinerary (subject to change):

Friday 7/12 -

  • Decoration set up at Fallbrook

  • Ceremony rehearsal at Fallbrook

  • Rehearsal dinner (location tbd)

Saturday 7/13 - 

10AM:  Meet at Karma Salon, Liverpool for nails, hair, + make up 

3PM:  Leave for Oswego

4PM:  Staging room and bridal party photos

530PM:  Ceremony

6-7PM:  Cocktail hour

6-6:15PM:  Family photos

6:15-6:30PM:  Bridal party photos

6:30-7PM:  Bride/Groom photos

7-7:30PM:  Intros, first dance, parent dances, speeches (no pressure, Cort)

7:30-8:30PM:  Dinner

7:30-8PM:  Bride and Groom sunset photos

8:30-10:30PM:  Dancing, celebrating, big bonfire

10:30-?:  Afterparty and campfire at our Fair Haven campsite


  • Theme:  Boho Celestial

  • Colors:  Dusty blues, gold + greenery 

  • Lodging:  Will be choosing a hotel in Oswego for guests, but Jack and I will most likely be camping at Fair Haven and encourage others to as well! (This is still up in the air and is TBD)

  • Bridesmaids: 

    • Cortney Myers (Maid of Honor, aka MOH ; My person since I was 5 years old)

    • Makenzie Morrow (Honorary Bridesmaid - SOB "Sister of the Bride," not to be confused with "Son of a Bitch" ; She's odd but I love her, she's like a sister to me)

    • Jaimee Williams (Bridesmaid ; Best friend and soul sister)

    • Danielle Formica (Bridesmaid ; Dirty bird, saucy girl, always there for me, always excited for me, love of my life)

    • Emily Santos (Bridesmaid ; Best co-worker I've ever had turned great friend, comedic relief) 

    • Kyrie Kirn (Bridesmaid ; Besides Jack, she was the best thing I got out of Alfred. My person to text about TMI situations like coffee 💩)

    • Kari Vella (Bridesmaid ; My donk girl bestie since middle school. She really loves fruit-flavored cigars and chocolate flavored vodka, FYI)

    • Isabella Morrow (Jr. Bridesmaid ; Little sister and my favorite person on Earth and one person who makes me incredibly happy always)

    • Lyla Gallo (Jr. Bridesmaid ; Jack's niece and the sweetest most talented girl I know)

    • Rosalita Morrow (Flower girl ; my littlest sister, and the apple of my eye)

    • Charli O'Hara (Flower girl ; Jack's youngest niece, and the cutest babe around)

  • Groomsmen (So you can stalk on FB. Funny how the only single ones in both parties are Krys and Danielle 😉 Girl, what happens in Oswego stays in Oswego -- he's into you, get itttttt. But no pressure. Only if you want to. He's a good guy tho, just sayin')

    • Eddie O'Hara (Best Man ; Jack's oldest brother) 

    • Kyle O'Hara (Groomsman ; Jack's other brother)

    • Rick Roberts (Groomsman ; Jack's best friend, 93Q)

    • Chance Morrow (Groomsman ; my little brother)

    • Chris Biela (Groomsman ; Jack's best friend from college) 

    • Dave Craig (Groomsman ; Jack's neighbor growing up in Buffalo) 

    • Krystopher O'Hara (Groomsman ; Jack's nephew, Eddie's son)

    • Christian Morrow (Jr. Groomsman ; my littlest brother)

    • Anthony Gallo (Jr. Groomsman ; Jack's nephew)

    • Billy Whittaker (Ring bearer ; my little cousin) 

    • Bixby Morrow-Tiebor (Ring bearer ; Da cootest lil squishy face you ever did meet)

  • Officiant:  Bayle Cruz ( Aka Flava Cruz, Jack's niece ; life of the party, my mr. richard dicky long stocking)

  • Reception introduction song:  Space Jam for bridal party, Rocketeer by Far East Movement for me & Jack (introductions will be announced by Ted + Amy)

  • First dance song:  Hearts Don't Break Around Here by Ed Sheeran 

  • Walk down the isle song:  This Time by Gone West

  • Recessional song:  Gone West by Gone West

  • Wedding Hashtag:  #jackandrae

  • Photographer:  Angela @ Harlow Bliss Photography

  • Videographer:  TBD

  • Catering:  Oswego Auxiliary Services

  • DJ:  Jack's good friend Mike Burry 

  • Menu:  Most likely build your own mexican bar (tacos, burritos, quesadillas, beans, rice, taco salads, nachos, etc) and build your own burger bar (beef patty, veggie patty, cheese and burger toppings, tossed salad, mac n cheese, potato salad, french fries, hot dogs, etc.) ** subject to change

  • Deserts:  Small "naked style cake" by Sue for cake topper and cake cutting. Sue to make cupcakes and cake pops. Desert table will also be a "candy" table with jars of our favorite goodies from the candy section at Wegmans (bless up)

  • Dress Shopping:  TBD, probably in January when I'm home for my dads birthday. I will see what I find, but TBH, I'm perfectly content with finding a cheap dress off of Lulu's. I will keep ya'll updated. 

What I have in mind for your dresses (mix and match):

I request the floral one for Cort and the silver sage color for Mak (but you two lmk if you really want a different color), so the rest of you can choose from one floral, one silver sage, and three navy. Let me know your first choice, second choice, and third choice and once I get everyone's choices I will let you know which pattern/color to go with! Feel free to pick from any long-dress style available in that color!

Heels (any height) or flats, sandals, wedges -- any color, I don't currr 💛 As long as you're comfy, happy, and feel confident, I am all for it! Weather permitting, the ceremony will be in a very grassy area underneath a willow tree -- heels might be a pain! 

If these dresses are outside of your budget range, please don't hesitate to let me know! 

Screen Shot 2018-10-24 at 9.03.56 PM.png

Two dresses (any style) in the "Bouquet Beauty" pattern

Cort, I request this one for you pwease because of the white! 💛Pick any style!

Two dresses (any style) in the "Silver Sage Crisp" color

Mak, I request this color for you, any style, thanxxx. 

Screen Shot 2018-10-24 at 8.54.01 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-10-24 at 8.52.41 PM.png

Three dresses (any style) in the "Rich Navy Crisp" color

Hair and Makeup, Day of:

I'm still working on the logistics of this, but I'm thinking that we can book the salon I go to (Karma Salon in Liverpool across from The Retreat). They do both hair and make up services, as well as nails. I will be doing all three the day-of (I think. Maybe nails can be done the day before? TBD.) Of course, you are welcome to also get your hair and make up done there with me -- BUT, do not fret if this is too much for you! I do not know exact costs yet for hair styling and make up, but I will be reaching out to get all of that info and will share it with you.


If it is out of your budget or if you are concerned about paying for that, PLEASE let me know. We can work together -- either I can try and pitch in what I can, OR my very talented sister can help with your make up instead of getting it professionally done. She's very good with eye make-up and contouring, you would just have to apply your own foundation/cover up/concealer -- whatever it is you like to do for your base. If you like doing your own make up and are confident with doing it on your own, girl, you are amazing and I would say asbolutely go for it!


Also, please do not feel like you have to go full blown glam make up -- you do not need air brushing, a fake tan, or falsies, but do it up if it will make you feel beautiful with a touch of saucy, GO FOR IT! 

I'm going to be doing a really really really simple, natural-looking make up and simple waves (maybe with a braid) and probably a small flower crown?

What I have in mind for bachelorette party:



Well, since we all know I'm coming back home, a California bachelorette party is kind of far-fetched now, and also, I'd hate putting any of you in that kind of financial position. 

SO, instead, I'm thinking that we can find a weekend in June to go to Canadigua Lake and go to Roseland Waterpark! We can start the day at their man-made wake boarding lake for lessons and then head over to the waterpark. We can find an AirBnb on Canadigua Lake to split for the weekend (maybe like a Friday-Sunday AM). 

Again, I don't want to inconvenience anyone or put anyone in a financial bind for this wedding. I want nothing but simplicity and happiness for all! I will be inviting a loootttttt of lovely ladies to the bachelorette outside of my bridal party so hopefully that will keep car pooling/AirBnb costs down. I will make sure that costs are low as possible for everyone. I will be making a survey or something online and get a general idea of which weekend in June works best for everyone! 

Other Details and Overall Reminder:

I know I've already said this a bunch of times, but I will continue to say it until the cows come home and/or the fat lady sings -- I asked you to be in my wedding because I absolutely love and adore you and I can't picture anyone else being by my side on this day, NOT because I want to burden you with your time or money. If ANY part of this wedding process is out of your comfort zone or budget, please do not hesitate to bring your concerns to me and we will work them out together! 💛 I do not want anything from you other than your love and presence!  

On that note, I am not expecting a bridal shower gift or a wedding gift from ANY of you, and I mean that! Please, please, please do not feel pressured or obligated! You will already be putting money into your dress and the bachelorette party and I do not want you to do ANY more than that! I'm not getting married to accumulate material objects or make money off of my friends and family. I am getting married to become a family with my Jack and to share that moment with you -- the women who have made the biggest impact on my life. 

This is going to be a very simple but FUN wedding. There will be nothing extravagant. There will be a big bonfire outside of the barn and lots of lawn games. There's even a volleyball net if anyone is feeling competitive. Jack's good friend Mike will be DJing and Ted and Amy will be doing introductions. We're not doing any of the wedding games like bouquet toss, etc so there is more time to dance and have fun! -- though we may just do the anniversary dance quick to give a gift to my grandparents 💛 Jack's family is a bunch of loud, fun, weirdos and I so just want everyone to have fun, get saucy, feed each other drinks, and dance like I did at Amy's Slumber Party (lol, yikes). 

Along with the simplicity theme, flowers/bouquets will also be simple. I am planning on growing wildflowers for the wedding in my dad's garden come spring. My bouquet, flower crown and grooms boutonnieres I will be most likely getting from the venue's recommended florist. 

That's all I can think of for now, but I will start a group chat with ya'll for any new information! In the mean time, feel free to text or call with any comments, questions, concerns.


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